Specialty Products

Specialty Products

Lens technology has come a long way, with speciality designs that can help improve vision and everyday life. Feel free to ask us about how these technologies can help you see better today!

Myopia management

Near-sightedness is becoming more prevalent in children as we increase our time indoors and on screens. One way we can slow down the worsening of our children’s eyesight is through the use of myopia management lenses.

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Zeiss: MyoVision
Essilor: Stellest

Blue Light Filter

Many of us have a smartphone in our pockets, work on computers or watch videos on tablets and TVs. As we move towards LED lighting and spend more time on digital devices, this can affect our eyes through the increase of blue light. This increased exposure over time can affect our sleeping patterns, increase eye strain, damage our eyes and may contribute to age-related macular degeneration.

To see more info:
Centennial: CHOICE BlueSelect
Essilor: Blue Light Protection
Nikon: SeeCoat Next Blue & SeeCoat Blue UV

Eyestrain Relief

Do you feel eye fatigue when reading, working or studying or being on digital devices for too long? Whether it’s from using a screen or reviewing documents and textbooks, we have lenses that can help.

Essilor: Eyezen
Nikon: Relaxsee & Smart Boost


Clear indoors, shades outdoors. Transitions photochromic lenses help protect your eyes from UV rays both indoors and outdoors with its colour changing technology. Many of our lens selections have the option for Transitions technology.

Note: Only certain Transitions products will change darker inside a vehicle. Colour changing performance may be slower in cold temperatures.

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